It's all kinds of wong.

Black/White and..... Purple AND Platinum!  Take that!

The restaurant we're having our dinner at has warm, golden wood floors and beams with brushed stainless fixtures for the lights.  It has a 40's bit of vibe to it, and so I would love to figure out a way to it justice with our decor.

See the light.

Candles!  What's better than candles?  CHEAP candles!  Like this set of 5 from Ikea for $7.99.  *Does banana dance*  Luckily, the restaurant doesn't require that candles be covered, so they'll be on a lovely silver plate from Ikea also (check it- $2.99!). 

To Fabric, or Not to Fabric

Table runners.  Dear.God.  I had so much trouble deciding what to do about this, it was ridiculous.  First, I wanted to have them, then I didn't, then I did... you get the idea.  Anyway, after months of searching, attempts at rental, I finally found them.  I didn't want to spend more than $5/yard for material that was just going to get eaten on. had what I wanted!  It was fated though, since I had decided on a vine motif for our cake before I even saw this stuff.  God, I am so AWESOME! *banana dances out*