It's all kinds of wong.

Where it's AT!

We've decided to go with a non-religious venue for our ceremony.  Neither of us are specifically religious, and when I contacted churches about holding our ceremony with them, they wanted my kidney, A's arm, and our first born child.  Ridiculous.  So, we're going with St. Cecilia Music Center, which is great because I love supporting the arts in any way that I can!

Our reception is really just going to be dinner.  I figured that we wouldn't have many guests dancing and didn't bother with trying to find a DJ, etc.  So, we're going to the restaurant Bistro Bella Vita in their private dining room.  My sister and her boyfriend went and tested the food for us and came back raving so I hope it turns out all right!

St. Cecilia's Music Center

St. Cecilia's.  I'm lame and can't figure out how to post better pictures since I've never actually been to this place.  If you want to check it out for yourself, you can go to  We are using the Presidents Room, as seen here.

Bistro Bella Vita

Has a great reputation throughout Grand Rapids as a wonderful place to eat, as well as exemplary service.  Thus far, my communication with the banquet manager, Julie Wise, has been swift and efficient. 

We finally had an opportunity to check the food out for ourselves and we were definitely not disappointed!  Definitely feeling confident now that everyone will leave feeling satisfied. :)