It's all kinds of wong.

So I don't break the camera...

Hair and Makeup

I REALLY love this look.  It's beautiful, but not the "natural" look a lot of people do on their wedding day.  I love makeup, wear it all the time, so definitely don't feel that it won't be "me" the day of.  It's the perfect balance of playing up the eyes that I want, while keeping the rest of the face glowing and neutral, but highlighted. Adore.


My veil!  The real thing!  That's not me in the photo, but  rather my super-awesome Etsy seller BelleNouvelleDesigns (aka Tanya).  She's a rockstar! 

Hair jewelry!

*Pets pretty sparkly*  This is the comb that I am buying from Etsy seller BelleNouvelleDesigns.  Tanya is super fast with responses, and put up with all my sudden bridal antics.  She was super helpful in giving me ideas for the right look, and is also making me a veil like the one above!


My earrings, made of course, by the amazing Tanya to match my hair comb.  2.5" of pure gorgeousness!  I love them!

The Purse

This purse was given to me by my grandmother.  It has never been used, and has stayed in its original box from when she received it in the 1950's.  The mirror is even still in the rice paper!  It doesn't match color wise, but I don't even care.  It's incredibly beautiful.